Tender Trap “Dansette Dansette”

It’s a bit of an honor to review this record because I’ve been a slightly-more-obsessed-than-casual fan of Amelia Fletcher’s efforts over the years since I first stumbled onto a Heavenly record in 2001. Fletcher is joined by four others, notably Rob Pursey, who was with her in Talulah Gosh, a member of the Theme Song Club.
The melody of “Fireworks” is the same as “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles. That song always needed tambourine. Now we have it! “Do You Want a Boyfriend?” has the classic Fletcher sound. If someone says, “What do Tender Trap sound like?” you play them this song.
“Suddenly” has a more modern feel but is still true to the founders’ C86 roots. You could sneak this into your kids’ iTouch without them noticing. You’re the mom. It’s your job. Better than brussels sprouts, anyway.
“2 to the N” is the best because it’s a math reference. I hope they make shirts with this song title and sell them when they tour. Oh my God, the tour! I can’t wait for that shit. Maybe Tiger Trap can open for them. How cool would that be?
“Counting the Hours” is also good, but really it suffers from being in the shadow of “2 to the N.” That could be the song of the year for me. “Capital L” is last and is as lovely as the rest. The whole album is absolutely wonderful in every way.

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