The Prids “Chronosynclastic”

These guys are really loud live, I bet. There’s a lot of everything going on all the time. “Hide Your Thoughts” gets the album off to a complicated start, with guitar and keyboard fighting over who can dominate the score. Definitely bet this one over the total.
“Waste Our Time” is like Tilly and the Wall without the gimmick, although for as long as these guys have been around it may be a more fair assessment to say that Tilly and the Wall are a gimmicky version of the Prids.
“Fragile” is perfect for fuzzy power-pop lovers. It is not overly complex, just crowded, but everything seems to have its place, and the whole track effortlessly flies on by. “Sydney” witnesses the keyboard wrest control away on several occasions and is also easy to listen to. This album is chock full of high fructose corn syrup — there’s no way it could naturally be this good.
“I’ll Wait” has the best harmonies on the record. It’s like a Rilo Kiley song with one more guitar.
Definitely a great effort here. It’s hard to overcome such a busy sound, but they’ve done it.

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