Tracey Thorn “Love and Its Opposite”

You might remember Tracey Thorn as the singer in Everything but the Girl, but that’s a one-way ticket to misunderstanding what she can do for you. This followup to “Out of the Woods” is stripped down and a must for any Lisa Germano fan. “Oh, the Divorces!” is dominated by piano and her timeless voice. Even childbirth has not changed the vocals that we’ve come to know and love.
The tracks have a similar sound, but I see this more as her finding her niche than her being in a rut. “Kentish Town” does stand out a bit, thanks to some top-notch backing vocals. Maybe it’s not on the level of Dot Allison, but it’s close. “Why Does the Wind?” has an actual beat and keyboards, but it sounds a little rinky-dink. Perhaps it’s intentional. For those who want that commercial Everything but the Girl song, this is the track for you.
“Singles Bar” is a fun little story, and it will appeal to Gen Xers around the world. You’re getting old, Generation X! “Come on Home to Me” has male backing vocals that surprise you. The song itself is a bit haunting, and it’s well-produced.
Although the album is not much of a surprise, it’s still well worth listening to.

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