The Like “Release Me LP”

I reviewed the EP, so what the hell. Why not. This record says it features the four songs from the EP, so does that mean the rest are filler? I’ll always take the time to listen to “Wishing He Was Dead” and “He’s Not a Boy” again if I have to. I don’t have to.
You can’t help but like a song called “Walk of Shame.” This one sells an extra 1,000 T-shirts for them, guaranteed. The sound definitely broaches Lily Allen on this one, and we all know she has nothing to be ashamed of. “I Can See It in Your Eyes” also has a peppy rhythm.
The melody in “In the End” is worth the repetition. The last track is called “Don’t Make a Sound” and is really long, but the time zips right on by, sort of like this album review did.

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