The Like “Release Me EP”

It’s an EP. The album cover is designed to look like a record from the mid-’60s. And it makes sense, because “Release Me” sounds like one of those girl group songs that would always play at the end of an episode of “Murphy Brown.” I can see the credits rolling now.
It may be too late for these gals, as the Pipettes’ ship sailed long ago, but for those who actually listen to music that they like, it’s a great time to be alive. Moon pie, indeed.
It goes without saying that the Like are awesome live. Sometimes you can just tell. And someday I hope to find out myself. “He’s Not a Boy” is a rock number with very basic percussion that even I could play. The mix is intentionally simple, the way Duplo blocks fit together. God forbid this act only succeeds because of appearance. I could never believe such a thing!
“Fair Game” squeezes a keyboard into the song, and it results in a track that begins a bit rushed but ends in a fairly organized fashion. It might be good for fans of Bis, although the lead vocals are not remotely as frenetic.
“Wishing He Was Dead” has a more modern feel and leaves the listener with a sweet aftertaste. It’s an excellent choice to round out the record. This isn’t bad, and I know I’d be able to round up a few to see this one when they came around my town.

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