Family Cactus “Come Howling”

This run-of-the-mill power-pop record comes to you all the way from New Zealand, and that just might be enough to make it cool. “Kingmaker” reminds me of John Strohm. “No Magic” musically sounds like The Reputation, but of course here a dude is singing.
“Coal Town” is a little brighter than the rest and works best for those that struggle with the rest of the album. “Barbed Tongue” is a solid rock song that demands to be taken seriously. I’ll take it to the movies.
“Mariachi Stomper” veers off into Talking Heads territory, but I can dig it. This one rivals “Coal Town” in quality. All in all, these songs are too long for no reason, and nothing really jumps out at you. I love me some Kiwis, but this just isn’t doing it for me.

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