Grand Lake “Blood Sea Dream”

They do a lot of long song titles, which can imply pretentiousness if you wish to infer it. Something. This slightly distracted record has a lot going for it. It’s somewhat dreamy and uninhibited and should make a lot of listeners happy.
“It Takes a Horse to Light a House” seems more like forced wordplay than wit, but the song itself is typical of the Bay Area sound. “Louise (I Live in a Fantasy)” reminds me of the White Stripes, although the drummer sounds awfully bored. (Wait, then it’s exactly like the White Stripes.)
They do know how to get to my heart, though. Two tracks are named after local highways, and of course I like them the best. “Oedipus Hex (Hwy. 1 North)” makes me want to get in the car and go to Sodhi’s Cheaper! in Half Moon Bay. The other is “Concrete Blonde on Blonde (880 South).” It’s less memorable but still fun.
This band reminds me of one I would see at the Starry Plough, as I struggle to stay awake at the bar and wonder when the last BART leaves Ashby. I can tell they are talented, but it’s just loud to me. Good for you, perhaps!

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