Pretty Hideous “Balance”

It’s annoying when you get a record, and it says there are explicit lyrics, yet the lyrics are not included, and because the album is self-promoted, it is missing one of those stickers that tells you which tracks have swearing on it. That’s a compound-complex sentence.
I mean, I am going to listen to the whole fucking thing anyway, but why are you making it hard on me? I can’t even laugh at saying “hard on” because I am so paranoid that I am going to miss something and get the station in trouble.
So this is a decidedly late ’90s-sounding piece, referencing an era that music tends to forget about. I hear hints of Butthole Surfers, Nine Inch Nails and Ruby. I bet people think they sound like Portishead. The sound is too sharp to sound like them, but I am sure that that is what people think. “Mercury” comes to mind, specifically.
I also like “Scattered.” If American Idol contestants would sing songs such as this one (and they could — it is not a fundamentally hard song to perform), I would actually watch. It’s not overly ambitious, but it doesn’t leave you with that mealy mouth feeling that a lot of modern pop songs have. Maybe because this ain’t no modern pop song.
“Serio” has those synthy bells I love so much, although the guitar seems misplaced. Yeah, it sounds like the late 1990s, all right. Bettie Serveert thought about this angle for a bit and then thought better. It is definitely an underserved niche, musically speaking, so I am sure a lot of people would receive this with open arms, if they only knew about it.


  1. 1
    Mir Says:

    hey joel ~

    may I ask where you found the cd ?

  2. 3
    Mir Says:

    which station would that be, if I may stupidly ask?

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