Picture Me Broken “Wide Awake”

It’s a Lita Ford kind of thing, except the backing band looks like they escaped from a Justin Bieber record release party. Throw in equal parts metal-infused Evanescence and Living Colour, and that’s what you get with Picture Me Broken.
The band clearly wants to be taken seriously, and the least I can do is to respect their wishes. The music is as complex as a seven-layer dip — there’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t surprise. I think this is what Damone wants to do, and they’re going to keep reinventing themselves until they do it. Did I say Damone? Did I mean the Donnas? Well, both, really.
“Echoes of an Empire” is a typical track. The vocals are strong, which is notable because you can get downright lazy when you have a metal score underneath. She must have had Pat Benatar records growing up, even if they were her mother’s. The sound is quite established, which is a nice way of saying all the songs sound the same. Fine. We all have to start somewhere. I want to know what happens next.
“Skin & Bones” and “Darwin’s Song” are a little too over the top for me. There’s rocking out with your cock out, and then there’s going crazy for the sake of going crazy. Hopefully they will figure this out. No one is saying to sound like Halou, but there are some i’s to dot and t’s to cross.
“Nerds & Cigarettes” uses the Auto-Tune that the kids love. Sure, why not. The deeper you get into this record, the less sense it makes. Maybe that’s the point.


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