Sia “We Are Born”

The late ’80s pop revival continues with Sia. “You’ve Changed” jumps out at me like a car commercial. I have a sudden urge to take advantage of 0% financing and loyalty cash back. If you were lucky enough to have a child at 14, then you’re both the right age to appreciate this album.
A pretty penny was spent on the production of this record, but as a lover of overproduced crap, I am quite happy to reap the benefits. “Bring Night” is peppy and upbeat. “Hurting Me Now” is much more contemporary and surely is performed live at every show. (As polished as this is, I think “concert” may indeed be more accurate. Zounds!)
“Oh Father” does the Colbie Caillat thing. Oh, wait. This is a Madonna cover. No wonder. Thanks for making me feel old, Sia!
There’s nothing wrong with this record, but it doesn’t do anything unprecedented, and the term “soul searching” doesn’t come to mind.

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