Colleen and Paul “Colleen and Paul”

Maybe it’s the Diet Mtn. Dew talking, but this record has me yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as if I were a volleyball player. Jenny and Johnny, Matt and Kim, She & Him, and Colleen and Paul. They all do their parts to make compound-complex sentences even harder to copyedit. And of course, it’s more fire for the ampersand debate as well.
Those acts all sound the same, too, which is fine by me. Go on with your bad selves. I want more of this male-female duet stuff. “Please Be Kind” is one of the better tracks, although all are noteworthy. I also like “You’re My Globe.” If Pee-Wee’s Playhouse were still around, I bet Colleen and Paul could be special guests, and they could sing this one to Globey. “TV Summer” makes a reference to TV Guide, so you know I’m all over that.

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