Mike and Ruthy “Million to One”

“Ruthy” of course will always make me think of the comic strip, One Big Happy. I also enjoy the cover art. The music? Yeah, it’s good, too.
“End of Time” continues the legacy Fleetwood Mac had left us with. Here’s the modern record you get Mom for her birthday so she can feel hip, instead of feeling her arthritic hip. She’ll thank you on your wedding night.
“Rise” is half ’80s and half country. There’s no better word to describe the sound than “distinct.” “As My Eyes Run Wild” is a simpler number and clearly more country than rock. They’ve got a ton of honk in their tonk. This is also prevalent in “Who’s Who.”
If you’re looking for something with a little less twang, give the title track a shot. It’s not a longshot that you will like it.

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