Defiance, Ohio “Midwestern Minutes”

Yeah, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about Ohio. This guy from Toledo calls my show every week, and he’s just insane (and not in a good way), so when I see his number in the caller ID, I just let it ring. I feel bad for the rust belt states; I do. But their expectations confuse me. If we move manufacturing jobs back to Ohio, they will require such high wages that no one will buy the goods after they are made because they will cost too much.
So emerging from the soon-to-be ashes of Michigan’s favorite punching bag come Defiance, Ohio. “A Lot to Do” stands out as an energetic yet moody song. It makes you want to sing along, even if you don’t know the words.
This whole record sounds like band therapy to me. So when I don’t get a song, I don’t take it personally. They decided to rock out with their cocks out (where applicable), and now they feel better. Who I am to disagree?
“Hairpool” reminds me of Antenna, with a little bit of Tripping Daisy mixed in. “The Reason” has an introduction melody that reminds me of the “Muppet Show” theme.
The CD says everyone sings, which is technically true, but the guy that sings the most shouldn’t be. The whole album is OK. They’re probably really cool to tour with because they have no legitimate claim to pretense.

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