Sarah Jaffe “Suburban Nature”

Sleepytime faux-lk music. Her voice has plenty of texture, and the backing music is generally quite complementary. There’s a vibraphone, a misspelled “accordian” and marimbula to help out with that.
“Wreaking Havoc” and “Summer Begs” are twin pillars of vocal strength. The whole record holds its own, however. “Pretender” has a Sundays feel, even if the voice is different. What makes the album work is that they let the voice run front and center rather than try to hide it behind a bunch of layered instrumentation. The balance means the sound guy deserves a raise.
If you’re looking for something faster, “Watch Me Fall Apart” has a peppier rhythm. But generally it’s all slower music, possibly good for making out. Let me know how that works out for you.

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