Azure Ray “Drawing Down the Moon”

It’s nice to see a new effort from them. Maria Taylor released a solo record, which was freakin’ amazing, but I’ll take the “greater than the sum of its parts” duo of Azure Ray. “Don’t Leave My Mind” feels like what the listener should be singing back to the band, because fans have not forgotten.
“On and On Again” is good for those that like their slower tracks. I mean, they don’t even front: The first track on the album is “Wake Up, Sleepyhead.” Well, duh. “Signs in the Leaves” is another good one.
“Shouldn’t Have Loved” is another faster track. I bet people will like it, but for me it’s too much of a departure. The synths are a little too loud and jarring, like during a chase scene in an action movie.
The whole album is good. It’s just what you were hoping for, plus a few suggestions of where they may head next. If they’ve been on a collision course with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then they must be saying to Karen O, “Your move.”

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