The Lightfighters “Behind the Tides”

This is a standard-issue rock band, whose lead singer reminds me a bit of Pat Benatar, except there is a guy who sings, too, who might as well remind me of John Cougar Mellencamp. There is also a lot of organ, which sounds mixed in after the fact. You know how when you’re in a crowded room how you can hear one voice above the others, and it’s always that same guy in a Harley-Davidson T-shirt? That’s the organ on this record.
“Mirrorball” has vocals that remind me of Psychedelic Furs. The piano is brought out for “California,” and whatever production is done on Cecily Hunt’s voice was top notch. It reminds me a bit of Sinead O’Connor here.
“Fade to Grey” uses the Queen’s spelling of “grey,” and the uptempo nature of the track lends itself quite well to this, although the melody is tired. “Elvis Presley” is very Mellencamp and replete with namedropping.
There’s a lot of potential here, but they aren’t there yet. The next record should be better, though.

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