Cotton Jones “Tall Hours in the Glowstream”

Basketball Jones’ brother Cotton is a band, and Whitney McGraw has a nice voice. The back of the album has a guy in a trucker hat, so combined with her last name, you expect country music. It’s maybe like Neko Case, if anything, but it’s much more contemporary than that.
Apparently Cotton Jones are a big deal. I hear a lot of hipsters talk about them, and I can see why. This is right up their asshole. More importantly, it’s not pretentious. It has a distinct local sound, but they seem to be from elsewhere (not St. Elsewhere).
“Somehow to Keep It Going” showcases Michael Nau’s voice well. (See? I like the dudes, too.) But “Glorylight and Christie” reminds me of Kate Bush, as McGraw effortlessly carries the duet. The one thing missing is that I bet they are boring live, but hipsters like that anyway, so it works out for everyone.
“Soft Mountain Shake” really ought to be a Mtn. Dew-flavored milkshake, but it’s not. I can always dream. It’s one of those instrumental interludes, except it’s got harmonizing so it isn’t an instrumental, but it sounds great to talk over.
“Goethe Nayburs” is a little faster and very catchy. I’m sure the title is some sort of euphemism. They get that benefit of the doubt. “Dream on Columbia Street” could be a Velvet Underground cover, but it’s not.
Knock yourselves out. Your kids will want to know why you liked them, but remember: Being defensive to your kids makes them defensive and, by extension, beaten up.

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