Miss TK and the Revenge “The Ocean Likes to Party Too”

It’s hard for me to get past the lack of a comma before “too,” but I will just have to move on. This is one of those party records for college kids. It’s harmless synths and lyrics, like Dominatrix meets Peaches. I bet it sounds better if you’re coked up.
“Red Lites” is as good as any. All the songs are good, but they all sound the same. Once you’ve found the right mix, after all, there is no reason to deviate from the happy path. “Saturday” will be a favorite because it’s about Saturday. No one got rich singing about having some fun drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday.
“Posi Tip” and “Just Wanna Dance” pick up the rear by making you want to move yours. This act is the new generation’s Ace of Base. Hmm, that act did have two dudes and two chicks, so maybe they fooled around.

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    Que Me Says:

    I love these too!

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