The Vaselines “Sex With an X”

This could mean so many things, that album title. An X could be a type of adult toy. Or maybe it’s about a Malcolm X fantasy. It could also be about an ex, perhaps named Xavier. At any rate, the title track seems designed to shake the rust off. It’s a good idea placing it second — the first track is a bit of an introduction, unofficially — to ease the listener back into the Vaselines experience, which has nothing to do with Mr. T.
The band really gets it going with “The Devil’s Inside Me.” It’s half Neko Case, half Hope Sandoval. And “Overweight but Over You” is remarkably clever. If you’re going to get older, this is the way to do it. This is the album’s apex, thus making this track top-heavy?
They finish with “Exit the Vaselines,” natch. They sound spent, as if the entire album were one last fling. Glad they went to the trouble!
You can tell the duo had a lot of fun putting this record together. When they tour, I am sure there will be a lot of smiling and fuckups of the “So what?” kind.

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