Miriam’s Well “Indians and Clowns”

This record is like a bad Craigslist date when you’re just thankful you picked El Burro at the Pruneyard because at least then the food will be good, and you can get drunk and take the bus home afterward. And in the meantime, maybe you’ll discover something that you have in common with her, even if it’s just that you hate it when people salt their food before they even taste it.
This is a standard rock record with Bonnie Raitt-style lyrics. “More Than I” makes you want to go to Crate and Barrel and replace all your chairs with bar stools. “Waiting on a Plane” is another hot summer afternoon kind of song. They all sort of run together, but the band is not without talent, either.
“Diamonds” is more of a ballad, the kind where, when you dance with someone, you have to actually, you know, touch them? So romantic, this.

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