Soft Cotton County “Leave Tomorrow EP”

It’s the band with the perfect name, and they’re back with a few more tracks of dreamy, sucralose-laden pop music. It’s so good that it won’t be used in an Apple commercial until the iPhone 6.
The title track is first and is awesome. “Easy Goes It” is second and is also awesome. Do you see where I am going here? The music is very accessible because, although there are synths, they do not dominate the music, which can turn a lot of people away. I really think that if Book of Love could have stuck around another 20 years that this is how their sound would have matured.
The band logo is still the same font, as well, which I also appreciate it, even if it now reminds me of Carly Fiorina’s soon-to-be-failed U.S. Senate campaign. I’m using a lot of keywords because I want people to read this review.
“On That Road Again” ventures off into Fleetwood Mac territory, but I can dig it. There are worse ways to grow up than to head in this direction. “Now” is the last track and has tambourine.
This EP does everything right. The tracks are in the right order, the artwork and music complement each other, and I still want to hear more.

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