Cheyenne Marie Mize “Before Lately”

It’s a singer-songwriter, folkin’ around at a farmers’ market. She can sing, so that’s a bonus, and she’s in the camp with Frente!’s lead singer and Feist. “Kind” is the standout here, as Cheyenne Marie Mize channels Sade.
“Not” is one of the more beautiful tracks, with strings and deep piano. Her voice is one of the strongest you’ll hear, yet she is modest with it instead of trying to run you over. The restraint makes for a better record.
All the songs have single-word titles, which would make for an interesting bill if she played with Fall Out Boy. It’s almost like she is cheating with “With(Out),” but that would have been one word anyway. At any rate, this track could be an Azure Ray cover for all I know.
Nothing wrong with this record, although there’s not a lot about it that is very inspired, either.

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