Modern Superstitions “All the Things We’ve Been Told”

It’s an EP. “Go-Between” is first and has a peppy rhythm that would make Space Ghost proud. It’s a trio of teenagers, but they sound older than that. “Visions of You” is a Bettie Serveert knockoff. Well, a lot of the tracks are. There’s a lot of Manifold Splendour in there as well.”Everything Is Not Mine” has great guitar and an awesome chorus. Power pop fans should love all this stuff.
“Beck & Call” is a little less rock ‘n’ roll and a little more country. Neko Case comes to mind here. “Love That Beats My Heart” sounds like Superdrag but with a female lead singer. It’s also pretty good.
“Mercy Line” is last, which is where it belongs. It’s good, but it is not as good as the rest. All the tracks on here are pretty amazing, though.

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