Rain Perry “Internal Combustion”

It sounds like a woman from L.A. singing slightly contemporary rock ‘n’ roll. Suzanne Vega comes to mind. “The Compartmentalized Thing” is first and is easy enough to listen to. The lyrics are generally mixed pretty high, so I guess that means there are good stories to be heard. Can’t help but wonder whether “Red, Green, White, Blue” is secretly about m&m’s, though.
“Next Best Thing” has some soul to it. It’s not Aretha Franklin or anything, but there is some heft to complement the organ. “Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War” is what Beth Orton would have sounded like if she had ever learned to sing. This song is really amazing. It’s perfect for the fall. Put it on your personal music player and walk through your neighborhood, helping decompose the leaves by stepping on them.
And it goes on. The whole record is a good listen.

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