John & Jehn “Time for the Devil”

More Peter Murphy than Bauhaus, it’s still not hard to figure out what is being channeled here. “Time for the Devil” makes it clear that if no one is going to make a new Cure album that sounds like “Head in the Door,” then someone else will have to do it. It’s the same way that Cities XL emerged from the dust after it became clear that SimCity 5 was never going to be made.
So the Jehn in John & Jehn: Is she supposed to be the Siouxsie half of a tag team? Maybe. The band’s name is unfortunate because they don’t really need her. And of course she sings a song called “Vampire.” I guess “Cloves and Depression” is destined to be a B-side. She does do a good job on “And We Run,” however.
“Down Our Streets” bridges the gap between 1983 and 2010. Still, Spandau Ballet fans can’t help but be proud of this one. “Shades” has a good melody, although the chorus is flat. I haven’t heard the first album but wonder just how far along they have come. If they can do better, they could really be on to something here.

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