Pete Yorn “Pete Yorn”

Why would a fifth record be self-titled? Oh, he is on Vagrant now. Bully for him. It seems like this guy has been around forever, which means I am probably mixing him up with someone else.
If Eels were slightly poppier, you would have Pete Yorn. “Rock Crowd” does this well. “Velcro Shoes” is half Beatles, half Dinosaur Jr. “The Chase” is not about the bank, with the hipster “the” added in front. It’s just a good power pop song.
“Always” is not a Rilo Kiley cover, but it’s still a hot little number. “Wheels” is the last track, and it’s the expected ballad to send you on your way. It’s not bad.
No surprises here, but you should know what you’re getting with Yornie anyway.

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