Various Artists “The Vampire Diaries Original Television Soundtrack”

Lots of your favorite artists on this one. Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is surprisingly good. The Silversun Pickups offering, “Currency of Love,” is exactly what you’d expect.
Bat for Lashes fans can rejoice with “Sleep Alone.” Goldfrapp gives us “We Radiate.” They sound a little more retro on this one. That’s their shtick, though, isn’t it? I was pleasantly surprised with Sky Ferreira. “Obsession” is not an Animotion cover, but it’s a good song in its own right.
What is a cover is Digital Daggers’ “Head Over Heels.” Shed no tears but embrace your fears, because it’s just not that good. It’s three musical styles in one, but with no transition. It’s like a masturbatory mashup, in that it’s just one thing that is pretending to be three. The only times this has ever worked were Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Big Audio Dynamite’s “Rush.”
Jason Walker gives us light rock, less talk, on “Down.” I don’t know who the woman is singing with him, but it makes the song work. Plumb are here, and I wonder whether it’s the same Plumb that I have a record of from long ago. It could be. “Cut” is an OK song, if you want to see what they sound like now.
“On Melancholy Hill” is the Gorillaz’s entry, and it’s pretty amazing.

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