Highlife “Best Bless”

It’s an EP. I thought it would be about smoking weed, but I guess not. “War Fair” is just a short intro. “F Kenya RIP” falls into the big “world” bucket. What does the rest of the world call world music? Justin Bieber?
This reminds me of Omeyocan, but nobody knows who that is. “Burying Stones” could be considered Britpop, but it’s not. It’s weird like Flaming Lips, but you don’t feel as if you need to be on drugs to appreciate it. The African sound that Paul Simon incorporated on “Graceland”? That’s pretty close.
“Tuareg Dancehall” isn’t dancehall, but it might be a song about a dancehall. This is the most accessible song on the EP. Its tapes will play in your VCR. “Wet Palm Trees” takes you to the end. This EP has a ton of color, and it’s music the whole family can agree on.

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