Birds & Batteries “Panorama”

I thought this was something else (Bird and the Bee — ha), but that’s OK, because it’s still synthy enough to keep me happy. They’re from San Francisco, so maybe I saw them play a show somewhere.
The sound is a bit like Rilo Kiley, but with dudes, with some Talking Heads thrown in. And keyboards. Maybe this is what progressive rock is. Prog-agly.
“Strange Kind of Mirror” sounds like Wallflowers, or at least Jakob Dylan. It’s fun on a sunny afternoon. “Another Inferno” is pretty hot. “The Machine & the Vampire” is metaphorical, but don’t ask me how. It also is a bit of a departure from the alt-country sound the rest of the record has.
I like “The Villain” because it has some ’80s-era horns in it. I feel as if I am watching an episode of “Moonlighting.” The synths reclaim center stage on “Some Hypnotic Flash” and send the album off into the sunset. Although not something I generally hone in on, this should give the kids from Memphis something hip to listen to.

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