Trashcan Sinatras “In the Music”

I’ve been hearing about this band for almost 20 years, but I’ve never actually heard them. Like the Replacements, they seem to have always been on the cusp of recognition but instead have likely been relegated to working at Philz.
“People” sounds like the theme to a TV show. Like if Becky and Darlene from Roseanne had a spinoff in which they create a rock band called Mika Miko. This would be the theme. “I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows” sings about a guy named Richard Brown, so maybe it is about the old anchor for Channel 7 news. You never know, right?
“Should I Pray” features Carly Simon on vocals, a pleasant surprise if you weren’t expecting it. Frank Reader is so vain. He probably thought this song was about him. “The Engine” sounds like a Coldplay song that doesn’t suck. It was bound to happen, but who knew that it would be Trashcan Sinatras that would have to do it?
The last eight tracks are live versions of more of their songs. “Send for Henny” has Eddi Reader on vocals, and my thinking is that it must be Frank’s wife. Maybe Henny is their dog. “Easy Read” is kind of neat because the lead singer rolls his R’s.
A fun CD to experiment with, because they’re all pretty good.

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