Salteens “Grey Eyes”

After reviewiing the “Moths” EP, I figured I would grab this one. And iTunes liked it so much that it ripped it twice. It’s a mystery how that happened. At any rate, this is more power pop from these Canadians.
“Last Train From London” is a great leadoff track and lets you know straightaway what to expect. Some of these songs sound like Snow Patrol, except they don’t suck. Others sound like Death Cab for Cutie. It’s actually easier to review something when it sounds like other stuff, so kudos.
“Everything They Know About Us” is a bit more of a Britpop flair to it. The cat on the back of the album art probably loves to lick its ass when it hears this one. Salteens have a bit of a modern Better Than Ezra feel at times as well.
“Hallowed Ways” is the best track on the record. Even your parents should like this one, but that’s no reason you can’t as well. If you want a track with a woman singing, go with “Savings and Loans.”
Only a goon could not like “Go On.” The last track is a wonderfully crafted ballad, “Don’t Break My Heart.” A track that could only go at the end, the piano offsets the vocalist nicely and makes you want to go on a road movie to Berlin.

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