Warpaint “The Fool”

This is why bands should not release records in the fall. This would have easily made my Top 10 of 2010, but I didn’t see this one until today. Now it’s not on the top anything of anything.
For those who won’t admit they had a gothic phase in their life, they can secretly listen to “Set Your Arms Down” and pretend they’ve never heard that music before. “Undertow” is not a cover but still a good song.
“Shadows” is half Siouxsie and the Banshees, half Switchblade Symphony. I guess that’s like saying “half butter, half margarine,” though. “Baby” is the best of the lot. It doesn’t have any darkwave gimmicks like some of the other songs. Tanya Donelly leading for the Sundays would give you this result. Azure Ray wishes they could be this good.
“Lissie’s Heart Murmur” is the last track. The vocals were mixed a little unevenly, but it’s OK. These songs are all really long, but it’s fine, because they’re all really good.

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