Victoire “Cathedral City”

I call this music “modern classical.” It takes a traditional sound and adds early 1980s synths. For me, life doesn’t get any better. The only vocals are samples for the most part. “I am coming for my things” is an evocative title, after viewing pictures of the group. I picture one of them sending an email to their newest ex, with that song title as the subject line. And she stops by, and you give her her pillow with the leaves on it and that second-season DVD of 30 Rock that you never got around to watching.
“Like a Miracle” sounds like music from an EA game, but don’t interpret that as harsh criticism. I could build SimCity cities and watch my Sims grow up while listening to this very easily. It’s absolutely fascinating to listen to.
The songs all provide the same entertainment value. “India Whiskey” at the end is also slightly better and belongs perhaps in Zynga’s latest, CityVille. Great for a bed or for playing straight up.

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