The Jezabels “Dark Storm”

I reviewed their “The Man Is Dead” EP, and now I get to review this EP. The sound has definitely matured in 18 months. The lead singer sounds more like Karen O, but the music still has a more Kate Bush feel. The mixing is a lot better as well.
The title track is first, and the five-plus minutes zoom right by. Most of the songs on this EP are about a minute longer, for that matter, than on “The Man Is Dead.”
“Mace Spray” is mixed really well, and the backing vocals are at the perfect level. The Kate Bush style is most prevalent here. It’s a winner. “Sahara Mahala” has nothing to do with Las Vegas, but that’s OK. This one incorporates the piano that was prevalent on some of their other efforts. The louder drums almost make this a rock song, yet still good in its own way.
“A Little Piece” is the weakest song but still good. This band has really turned it around. The drums remind me of Smashing Pumpkins. Really, there is a lot of mid-’90s inspiration on this one. “She’s So Hard” is the last track, and “so” is capitalized because it’s an adverb. The song is fine, even if it’s a little slow. I bet Rihanna could cover this and sell 3 million downloads.

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