Thursday “Common Existence”

Well, somebody had to review this. And more than a year after it came out, I realized it might as well be me. But first, my favorite Thursday joke. I always wanted Dar Williams to collaborate with Thursday so they could call the supergroup “Dar Thursday.” Anthony Forrette knows what I mean.
This sounds exactly what you would expect it to. It’s funny that in 10 years that Thursday will be considered “classic rock.” At any rate, give “Friends in the Armed Forces” a listen. It’s less annoying than the rest and doesn’t have a bunch of ridiculous guitar wanking in it. That should count for something.
“Circuits of Fever” sounds like a Stone Temple Pilots song. Thursday seem to have figured out that yelling is just an arrow in the quiver, not the whole arsenal. “Love Has Led Us Astray” is better than having it tear us apart, again, I guess. It sounds like a song Smashing Pumpkins would do, musically.
It’s fine. It’s Thursday. I am calling a spade a spade.

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