Tumbledown “Empty Bottle”

It’s fun to watch modern punk stars do side projects involving country music. If that’s your thing, you will enjoy Tumbledown just fine. Don’t call them sellouts. There’s only so much you can do in a 90-second track, and no doubt, they are envious of crossover acts such as Flogging Molly.
Everything is pretty good on this one. “She’s in Texas (And I’m Insane)” tells a good story, and the tempo is slow enough that it’s easy to follow along. “A Thousand More Times” is a full on ballad.
“Bad News” features Todd Beene, which is a big deal to some of you kids. This one has country guitar and rock ‘n’ roll drums, along with almost Blink 182-style talking. I bet that this is what Generation Y plays while trying to strap the car seat into the Ford F-150 before heading to Mom and Brian’s house to see if they can float them one more loan until they can find another job. This, now this is new country.

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