Old 97’s “The Grand Theatre Volume One”

I thought I was keeping up on Old 97’s, but they’ve done a ton of shit that I haven’t heard. I’m old, but I’m not 97. At any rate, their sound currently resides in the slow Social Distortion genre. “The Grand Theatre” would have been a hit in 1997, I am sure, and that’s the last number-based joke I will make.
“The Magician” is a good track title considering the name of the album. There are bits of Stray Cats running around in this number. Why does anyone under 30 like this band again?
For those who are into this new brand of alt-country, the obligatory track is clearly “Let the Whiskey Take the Reins.” There is also “You Smoke Too Much.” Who am I to argue?
“Please Hold On While the Train Is Moving” sounds like a clever title, but really it’s just a warmed over John Cougar Mellencamp attempt. So be it.
You could do a lot worse. I know you love Old 97’s so go ahead and love them.

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