Trashcan Sinatras “Best of Trashcan Sinatras (1990-2010 Radio Sampler)”

Little bits of everything. You may know some of these songs. “Only Tongue Can Tell” inspired the Muffs, melodywise, when they wrote “Sad Tomorrow.” But crack open a Zima and enjoy some of these power pop classics.
“The Best Man’s Fall” has beautiful backing harmony. “Hayfever” doesn’t make me sneeze. The chorus, however, is full of hooks, just like many of their piercing-laced fans back in the proverbial day.
For a snapshot of the mid-’90s sound, look no further than “The Genius I Was.” “Welcome Back” is a bit more upbeat and sounds like a peppier Chris Isaak song. (They do exist, promise.)
If a slower ballad is what you’re looking for, “Weightlifting” is half Gin Blossoms, half Better Than Ezra. “I Wish You’d Met Her” has a more modern feel, and if you do like me and put the album on repeat, you get quite a contrast when it loops back to “Only Tongue Can Tell” again. But the common thread among all the tracks is a smooth sound that makes you happy to be alive. Unless you’re a zombie.


  1. 1
    Doug Says:

    Where did you get this cd? I’ve never seen it available in stores, band website, etc. Any clues where to get a copy?

    • 2
      joelshitshow Says:

      It’s a radio sampler. Someone may sell one to a used record store, but otherwise I don’t know what to tell ya. At least there aren’t any unique tracks on it.

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