Ben + Vesper “Honors”

Maybe “Vesper” is the woman to complement Ben. It is some sort of Rilo Kiley-sounding thing, except Ben’s vocals sort of stand out in a strange way. They’re fine, but it is as if the lead singer of Fanfarlo took a visit to Saddle Creek.
“Knee-Hi Wall” is a key track on this one. Lots of harmonizing and a beat that is prominent but not overpowering. I also like “Cheer Up, Cheers!” It’s a bit more somber than the rest, but sometimes happy does not a good song make.
“All Is Forgiven” reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel, if Art weren’t a dude. The title track is the last track. Something has to have the honor of being the last track. It might as well be this one.
The songs are generally all good on this one.

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