Kitten “Sunday School”

How many bands have been called “Kitten” before? Surely this is neither the first nor the last. This EP starts with “Kill the Light,” and it sounds like newer Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The sound here is definitely typical of today’s female-fronted modern rock bands. “Chinatown” sounds like “Kill the Light.” It is a little more ’80s, I guess, like Missing Persons.
“Johnny Johnny Johnny” and “Allison Day” mindlessly went by. Nothing wrong or right with them. “Kitten With a Whip” is luckily better than a cliche to wrap up the record. It has bits of Marianne Pillsbury’s “Fixer Upper Lover” and some random Pretty Girls Make Graves in it. The synths clinch the track’s spot as “best track on the EP.” Bully for them.

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