Corpus Callosum “Corpus Callosum”

I’ve seen these guys a few times at Nickel City, so it only made sense that I would review their record as well. They’re a little bit country and a little bit offbeat. And I think one of the dudes in the band works at Barefoot Coffee in Santa Clara. That place was awesome until they got rid of Whim of the Barista. You could order that and never know what you were going to get. It was perfect for an indecisive bastard such as myself. Now, when you try to get them to do it, they grudgingly oblige, but they never seem really happy about it. Luckily that guy can always fall back on his future in Corpus Callosum, a band that has great potential if it can stay true to its sound.
“The Ridgepole Sags” is as fine an example as any when it comes to their sound. There is some accordion mixed in, and it reminds me of Boris. I enjoy the CD packaging. It has a pull tab to get it open, so someday mint copies will be very scarce and worth thousands. Before disappointing their respective families by announcing a career in music, I bet at least half of them had marketing backgrounds.
“Riding Home” is a little stranger but again not out-and-out weird. The whole record is really a low-key excuse to broaden your horizons without having to join a cult or start smoking crack. Did you see “The Fighter”? Crack is tough to overcome.
“I Hate You” is a long story with a beginning, middle and end. You could play this when you have to go to Women’s Restroom 5 or Men’s Restroom 7. “The Siblings Greely” sounds like a male version of Sinead Lohan’s “No Mermaid.” The chorus doesn’t quite work, but the rest of the song is amazing.

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