Eux Autres “Broken Bow”

Here’s a band our beloved traffic director can really get into. It’s pronounced “ooh oh-TRAY.” I saw these guys in San Francisco last year when they were touring. The easiest analogy is Nous Non Plus, because they both have female vocals and a French name. It’s not entirely off base, but the music is less eccentric and has more of an ’80s sound. Musically, I like them much better than Nous Non Plus.
“Queen Turner” has a bit of a twee sound, and the accompaniment is perfect. It reminds me of Sweetheart. “Under Rays” has tremendous power pop sensibilities to it. This could be one of the best songs of the year.
If you want something a little more male-dominated, “A Band Undone” does quite nicely. “You’re Alight” goes back to those lovely female vocals again. The piano in the background is good stuff, and reminds me of another band that makes me think of French, Of Montreal.
Muffs, Neko Case and Fastbacks fans may think “Go Dancing” is one of their own, only on Prozac. “Cover Rights” is the cherry on top of a fantastic item. If this is the future of music, then we’re in good hands.

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