Is/Is “This Happening”

It’s an EP. iTunes says it is metal. It is not. “So Long” is the first track, and it sounds like newer Social Distortion with a woman singing. Pretty straightforward rock, if you ask me. Two-thirds of the band is named “Sarah,” so there’s a lot of heart-string pulling going on for me, but I shall survive and emerge victorious from what is obviously just a coincidence anyway. That said, would it not be rad if they toured with Sick of Sarah? Oh yes.
“Pretty Girl” sounds like Kelley Deal is singing. Pass the Zima. The record says “Death Treat,” but iTunes says “Death Threat.” I think the former would be more fun, but it seems more likely that iTunes got this one right. The song itself is very structured. It seems easier to play than the others. It doesn’t necessarily need to be blurrier anyway.
The last track is “Eating Hourglasses.” Fun for fans of reverb, it leaves me wanting more. I am pretty excited about Is/Is’s potential.

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    Robert Says:

    Thanks for the info. Been trying to find out more about this band.
    Like their sound.

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