Bardo Pond “Bardo Pond”

Well, this is clearly wasted on me. The seven tracks are all really long, as much as 21 minutes. “Just Once” is about how many times I want to listen to the track. I don’t automatically write this faux-noise style off, but I’m just not getting this. I feel as if I have to call customer service and upgrade my package.
My girlfriend is in the next room sleeping, but I don’t know that “Sleeping” is about her. I just know it has a really long instrumental opening. The singing quality is a lot higher as well. It doesn’t make the song any shorter, though.
“Cracker Wrist” is not about a long snapper in the NFL. It is nine minutes long, however. The music makes me think of Smashing Pumpkins if they were allowed to ramble. “Waynes Tune” is the last track, and it must be a tune about a group of people named “Wayne,” because nary an apostrophe can be found.
I venture that nobody sober has listened to this record ever.

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