Various Artists “The Acidsoxx Family Sampler”

Sixteen tracks of psychedelic goodness. Whether it’s bacon in a pan or little half-inch squares of paper, there’s some serious frying going on here.
Perfect Vacuum don’t suck in their song “Number One Comrade.” Like a lot of the tracks on here, this one is a little quirky, but it’s not threatening. It’s as family-friendly as a trip to Walmart. The dance beat that comes and goes make me think of Big Audio Dynamite and B-52s. They also shine on “The River Is Dry.”
Dick el Demasiado & Lukas Simonis prove you can never have too much dick with “Fangio Angel.” The obviously Latin-infused track is horny at times and sounds like something at Berryessa Flea Market. Bring it on.
The best trip may be Erikka Sylphh’s “Die Trip Summertime Die.” This is the trip half of trip-hop. Good samples of various homages to summer as well. It’s like the halftime show on the Simpsons that was dedicated to halftime itself. Far and away the best track on here.
Let’s not forget Pan Parag. “Mapping Antarctica” is the most normal-sounding track here, perhaps buried at the end because it’s what you listen to when you’re coming down.

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