Kings of Leon “Come Around Sundown”

I don’t even understand why a college radio station should have this record, but what do I know? The first track is called “The End,” which makes no sense, but then again, that is probably why they did it. But if I can be mocked for listening to Counting Crows when I was in college, then I suppose I should be able to mock fans of Kings of Leon today. At any rate, this track must sound good live. They can do the thing where one musician comes on stage at a time, and by the second chorus the whole band is out there and the #kingsofleon hashtag takes off, with everyone saying the same damn thing, lol.
“Pyro” has a wailing chorus. Guys should like this song so they can make out with women who like this song. Say what you will about Kings of Leon, but their fans are really hot. And it also brings new meaning to the song “The Face.”
If you like John Mellencamp’s “Wild Night” (well, Van Morrison, but you know), then “Back Down South” should sound really familiar to you. A pop song with good hooks can be found in “No Money.” All kidding aside, I guess Kings of Leon aren’t completely worthless after all.
I’m thinking “Birthday” is another single. It has a catchy chorus. “Pickup Truck” is the last track. I think it’s their way of trying to keep it real. After all, a big-time star would never own a pickup truck, right?

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