Destroyer “Kaputt”

Wow, this is really good. “Chinatown” leads things off, and it is fan-fugu-tastic. Great indie rock with male-female vocals, because boy-girl vocals is ageist. “Savage Night at the Opera” has music that reminds me of Police, but the lyrics are more in the Peter Murphy vein. The only way this one could be better is if it were called “Fred Savage Night at the Opera.” Those of you who retired from the goth scene can take a peek into the past, back when you could fit into those 34 waist jeans and you’d smoke Djarum cloves and not care that you were going to die, because you were goth, dammit, and you were going to die anyway. Now of course you’re on high-blood pressure medication and anti-depressants while holding down a job at a bank, but who cares? You have 821 friends on Facebook!
“Poor in Love” slows it down a little bit. It has some horn action as well and fits in well for fans of U2. If you like U2, play this. Period. Not being a fan of U2, this one doesn’t really do it for me, but I can tell people will dig it. “Downtown” has a beat that could be in a New Order or Pet Shop Boys B-side. The saxophone replaces the synths, though, and moves it to a more mainstream ’80s-inspired track, but who the fuck cares? Let’s throw in a Kate Bush shoutout too for the backing vocals. This record is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Generation Xer in your life. My goodness.
The last track is “Bay of Pigs (Detail)” and is 11 minutes long. This is more of a dance club song, hence the length. They do this well also. This is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year.

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