Does It Offend You, Yeah? “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”

I’ve heard a lot about this band, and I’m only hip enough to recognize the name. “John Hurt” samples Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two.” They must also like the Whopper. “Wrong Time Wrong Planet” was a little psychedelic but not too much to make you uncomfortable.
Fans of Apollo 440 should like “Wondering.” I don’t know what to do with this type of music, but it is fun if nothing else.
By the time I get to the end of this record, I am expecting to hear something quirky disguised as normal, and so the quirkiness is what keeps me going. Well, when I hear “Broken Arms,” it never gets weird. So the song is fine, sure, but I wasn’t expecting a straight-ahead shoegaze type of song. Flaming Lips does this to me as well sometimes. How dare they do one song normally! And I most certainly was not warned!

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