The Thoughts “I Won’t Keep You Here”

Sunday brunch bacon music, this is what you listen to with your sweetie after you went to the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of arugula and other quiche ingredients. You probably make mimosas, too. It’s a mature Suran Song in Stag sort of sound.
The vocals in “Orange Sky” come from deep within but aren’t without melody either. “You’re Not Happy Here” is even slower but is much longer. It builds and builds to a big finish, so if you have an inclination for inclining songs, this is for you.
“Winterkill” has some chipper xylophonic action, or perhaps they left an iPhone on, and they received a text message. No one ever changes their default settings, you know? That’s why it’s important to make sure they’re good ones. Also, the dude sings in this one, but it sounds fine.
If you’re looking for strings, “Cutting Skin” provides a bountiful harvest. The title track also sounds good. The last track is “The Cage.” It is also stringy but is much better balanced than the other tracks.
It’s always nice to have lots of acoustic music on hand for special guests, and this one fits right in.

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