Wye Oak “Civilian”

This band is a barrel of fun. “Two Small Deaths” gives us some harmony during the chorus and accompaniment reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie. The vocals are more like the Lightfighters.
“Holy Holy” is not about my underwear. Musically this song is simple, but that’s no reason to think less of it. If you’re trying to show someone the type of music you listen to, this is a good one to show them, because it’s not unnecessarily complex. Even your mom could handle this one like a champ.
The title track is a little slower at the beginning but otherwise sounds a lot like the other tracks. I can’t imagine these guys being any good live, but for studio stuff it’s got just enough feedback, reverb and other vocabulary words to keep me going. I could listen to this record a lot more.
I enjoyed “Plains,” but I can’t put my finger on why. I thought “We Were Wealth” was going to be about the housing meltdown, but I guess it isn’t. It reminds me of Soft Cotton County, although the vocals don’t compare. Musically this is the best song on the album, especially the end.

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